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Financial Leadership Workshop

February 27th - March 2nd, 2023

Strategic CFO® Coaching

One hour, one-on-one coaching sessions with Strategic CFO®, every week

Strategic CFO® seasoned coaches provide the expertise, guidance, support and mentorship you need to elevate your current position and create success.
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Strategic CFO™ Lab


The ultimate CFO Resource and home to all Strategic CFO™ tools, reports, templates and lessons on all things accounting & finance.
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Strategic CFO™ Self Study


Strategic CFO™ transformed the live workshop - The Art of the CFO® into a self-paced virtual learning platform. Complete all four sessions anytime, anywhere!
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The Art Of The CFO®


Make the switch from a numbers cruncher to strategic value driver. Complete this Strategic CFO™ four-day financial leadership workshop and earn 40 CPE credits.
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Strategic CFO™ Financial Leadership Workshop:

The Art Of The CFO®

Rediscover financial leadership and learn to become a strategic thinker, leader and partner. Strategic CFO™ goes beyond the numbers and develop the financial strategies, tactics, and leadership skills required for individuals to become more valued members of their organization, thereby taking themselves, and their companies, to the next level.

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September 12-15th 2022
Strategic CFO™
Financial Leadership Workshop
$ 4,000 per participant
  • The Art Of The CFO® - A four day Financial Leadership Workshop
Access ALL Strategic CFO™ tools, reports, Lessons and templates.

Literally everything Strategic CFO uses to improve profits and drive cash flow for consulting clients. Strategic CFO has organized them all in an online learning platform with execution plans teaching you how to use and implement them successfully in your company.

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Learn Financial Leadership skills step by step with Strategic CFO™

Explore the Strategic CFO™ execution plan library! Each one takes you step by step through a specific financial leadership tactic such as: establishing the Flash Report or implementing a 13-week cash flow forecast.

Connect weekly with a seasoned Strategic CFO® Coach
Whether you are a CFO, Controller, Business Owner or Entrepreneur, Strategic CFO® is here for you as your CFO coach. This monthly membership entitles you to a one hour, one-on-one coaching session every week with the Strategic CFO® coach of your choice to discuss any topics, questions or current challenges you face in your role.

Call to ask any question: or email Strategic CFO™

Strategic CFO® Provides Personalized Accounting, Operations & Business Advisory Support
A team of seasoned Strategic CFO® coaches are here to guide you through your current challenges, answer questions, and provide ongoing support to your role.
Strategic CFO®
Business Consultation Services
Strategic CFO® business consultation regarding company accounting practices and financial management.

Financial Managment And Company Accounting Practices
Strategic CFO® evaluates all aspects of your business, provides consulting, recommendations and cost-efficient solutions.

Company Accounting Practices 
Strategic CFO® provides consulting services by qualified and experienced accountants that will execute and implement company accounting practices that are compliant with U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP).  

Financial Management
Strategic CFO®  specializes in financial management consulting. Strategic CFO® consulting services utilize financial tools and best financial management practices for managing your balance sheet, working capital, forecasting, budgeting and cash flow management.

Business Consulting Services
Strategic CFO® provides comprehensive business consultation regarding company operations, accounting practices, and financial management. Strategic CFO® distinguishes itself through its consulting professionals having extensive hands-on operational experience. Strategic CFO® consultants’ operational experience provides its clients with consulting guidance that leverages GAAP company accounting practices, financial management, and real world experiences to achieve operational goals, provide practical solutions and maximize enterprise value.

Other Services​

The driving mission at Strategic CFO™ is to create success through financial leadership in entrepreneurial companies and add value to Strategic CFO™ Clients. Strategic CFO™ core services carry out this mission.

Improving Profits and Cash Flow
Strategic CFO™ has created a Strategic CFO™ Solution, an 8-step process that looks at all aspects of your business, recommends and implements solutions, and then quantifies results in clear and measurable terms.

Building Your Team
Strategic CFO™ Retained Search solution provides clients with a distinct advantage over traditional recruiting firms. Being consultants rather than recruiters, Strategic CFO™ staff have actually worked in the positions they interview for and are uniquely aware of the skills required to fill these positions.

The Art of the CFO®
In addition to The Art Of The CFO® Financial Leadership Workshop, Strategic CFO™ also provides a three day From Operations to P&L Leader Workshop. Strategic CFO™ also creates custom training programs to address your companies specific needs.

Whether you are a CFO, Controller, Business Owner or Entrepreneur….Strategic CFO® is here for you as your CFO coach. Strategic CFO® offers a monthly CFO Coaching Membership in order to better help you to create success through financial leadership. The Strategic CFO® Coaching Membership includes one hour, one-on-on coaching sessions with an experienced Strategic CFO® coach EVERY WEEK. Discuss topics including but not limited to:

  • Financial Management
  • Accounting
  • Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory
  • Systems Selections
  • Audit Readiness
Strategic CFO™ Financial Accounting CPE Courses
Don't just study. Succeed. LEAD.
The goal of Strategic CFO™ financial leadership CPE courses is to take you from a regular numbers cruncher to a strategic value driver in your organization. Learn new strategies for increasing profits and cashflow, get PERSONALIZED and measurable action items for implementation, and collaborate with like minded professionals. Strategic CFO™ is NASBA certified.

Successful CFO leadership requires a deeper understanding of strategy, increased leadership skills, and an ability to effectively communicate financial acumen and knowledge to improve your company’s bottom line.

The topics taught in Strategic CFO workshops enable you to strengthen your skills as a CPA and become a financial leader in your company. Strategic CFO provides you with the current and latest industry trends.

Strategic CFO™ Controller Training

An effective controller is more than an accountant. Take control of your organization’s ability to succeed in their competitive market space. Solidify your foundation in the concepts of leading the fiscal fortunes for your company. 

Strategic CFO™ Accountant Training

Enhance your ability to fluently speak the language of finance and accounting so you can confidently and competently take your seat at the leadership table. Move  you and your company beyond the numbers.

Strategic CFO®

Strategic CFO® is a boutique consulting and advisory firm assisting clients with challenges regarding Company Accounting Practices, Financial Management and Operations.

Strategic CFO® services are designed to enhance and implement financial leadership skills that are necessary to meet the ever demanding changes of organizations, support their rapid growth and changing fiscal needs.

Through Strategic CFO® services such as coaching, consulting, restructuring, and retained search, Strategic CFO® provides clients with a wide variety of cost-effective customizable solutions and resources.

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Strategic CFO® Clients
Interim Controller, post system implementation support
Audit readiness, cash to accrual, interim Controller
large data reconciliation, post implementation support
Cash to accrual, U.S. GAAP
CEO, operations, audit readiness
Audit readiness, coaching
Interim Controller
Coaching, Outsourced Accounting, Interim CFO
Interim Controller, Audit Readiness
Interim CFO
Coaching, Interim Controller
Operations Enhancement
Coaching, Audit Readiness
Interim CFO
Interim Controller, Audit Readiness
Cash To Accrual, Financial Reporting


Strategic CFO™ Financial Leadership Workshop
The Art Of The CFO®


February 27 - March 2, 2023

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